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Can you write a oneshot where Michael (from 5SOS) is attracted by louis and harry and they decide to have a threesome where michael is bottom and harry and louis are doing all the job?? xx

'M sorry but i don't do prompts simply because i'd just keep having the feeling like i'm not writing it out the right way and it would end up being the worst thing ever. Sorry

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I’m writing the first part i swear

It’ll be like Louis’ diary so it would be more like a pre chapter or something, not really the story yet.

Lol who am i kidding i’m too lazy to write a fanfic

W…ow i just got like 3 new followers& 13 notes on the fanfic post. I guess i’m doing it then, yay! But i thought i should let you know that the first part (Which will be like Louis’ diary so please don’t hate me for making it Louis’ POV, the rest of it will be in 3rd person) could be up today, though the school’s being crazy, plus my phone’s broken so i don’t know when the second part’s gonna be posted.. But i’m getting a tablet soon (hopefully) so i’l probably post several new parts in a week after about 10-20 days.

Oh and please someone come visit my askbox bc it’s getting depressed from loneliness :( No my english doesn’t actually suck that much in my writings i just really don’t care about grammar and stuf when on tumblr so yea

Should i write the fanfic from Louis’ POV, Harry’s POV or in 3rd person? (Check my last post to see what i’m talking about)

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I’m gonna start writing a larry fanfic

it’s gonna be long, i’m pretty sure. Basically it’ll be a famousxLouis crazy fanxHarry and they’ll meet in the backstage of the concert and fall in love and b all cute together untill Harry would get hit by a car and loose his memory of 3 years and everything would get messed up (I mean like really, Louis and Zayn (who are best friends) would get to bed together and so would Harry and Nick and like Harry would totally forget who Louis is so he’d left him for Nick even though he’d still feel bad and Louis’d find out lots of stuff about Harry he hasn’t known before like the fact that he tried to kill himself or the reason he thinks he can’t sing and yeah.. It’ll be full of emotions)

Should i write it? The title would probably be They don know about us

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Harry your gayness is showing

Harry your gayness is showing

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Can i please just have a threesome with Louis and Harry already?

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1D fandom
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Larry is my favorite One Direction ship because people say “Larry is real” and that’s funny to me because Larry is just a name. Of course Larry is real. There are thousands of Larry’s in the world and they’re all real.

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